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mercoledì 10 luglio 2013

Distro Hopper No More!

I was a distro hopper since my first approach with Linux in November 2005.
From that date i tried to find my preferred Linux distribution. I tried a lot of them, i tried to follow a specific architecture, a specific package management, a specific desktop environment, and so on. But every time i believed founded my new fantastic distribution, there was another reason to change my opinion about that, following the last new release that apparently seemed much more advanced compared to my last one.
Just i learned using a distro, i was pushed to try another one. Probably a damned Linux daemon - that i had not found anywhere - pushed me to jump from it to the next one.
Rarely i continuously used a Linux distribution for more two months.
I tried finding my interior Linux peace for over 6 years...until now!

My hopping over distros finally ended.
With Debian 7.0 Xfce the diabolic game is over!
I installed it on May 25 2013, and i'm still using it from that day, with a great satisfaction.
After all what i was searching from a Linux distro?
Mostly i want stability, and Debian 7.0 is like a mountain, so the first goal was achieved.
Secondly i want a distribution with a long life support, and Debian is a virtually immortal distribution.
I also want a lean and clean distro, without amazing visual effects (that aren't useful to me), nor useless software. Debian 7.0 is what i want.

This my new personal condition mean that i will stop to write my Linux distros reviews.
Perhaps my readers are sadly disappointed, but i haven't time to do that, as i'm following other projects.
Please forgive me!

Ciao :-)

2 commenti:

Luca Massignani ha detto...

Ci mancherai borgio3...
Comunque la scelta che hai fatto è quella giusta. Anch'io sono fermo ad Ubuntu 12.04 e tanti saluti.

Luca Massignani ha detto...

Ci mancherai Borgio3....
Comunque la scelta che hai fatto è quella giusta. Guadagni tempo per la famiglia e la Medicina Cinese. Per quanto mi riguarda sono fermo ad Ubuntu 12.04 e tanti saluti.